U-Multirank 2019: KTU is climbing up the rankings, best achievement – internationality

Important | 2019-06-07

In the beginning of June, the results of U-Multirank 2019, the largest global university ranking came out. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has improved its results in 15 criteria out of 24. One of the best-ranked dimensions is internationality, where KTU improved its positions in 6 criteria.

According to Lolita Jurkšienė, Head of KTU Performance Management Department, the increase in the rank was influenced by the enhanced quality of the international study programmes, the growing number of international staff, the raised number of joint scientific publications with international authors and the growing number of international doctorates defended at the University.

“The results of previously announced national rankings and the recent results of U-Multirank reveal our University’s increasing competitiveness in the international arena. The ranking of our international bachelor’s and master’s programmes is by a third better than in the last year – this is a fantastic achievement! These are the first results of the long and focused work, and this is just the beginning”, says Jurkšienė.

Also, KTU has improved its performance significantly in Knowledge Transfer dimension – the University climbed up in 4 criteria. The main growth was registered in the number of publications together with business representatives and in the number of patents.

In total, KTU was ranked “A”, excellent in 5 criteria across different dimensions: art production (research dimension), spin-offs (knowledge transfer), bachelor and master graduates working in the region (regional engagement), income from regional sources (regional engagement).

U-Multirank is a multidimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. It compares the performances of higher education institutions – in short: universities – in the five dimensions of university activity: (1) teaching and learning, (2) research, (3) knowledge transfer, (4) international orientation and (5) regional engagement. The U-Multirank web tool enables comparisons at the level of the university as a whole and at the level of specific study programmes.

The first U-Multirank ranking was the 2014 edition, covering more than 850 higher education institutions from more than 70 countries. The fifth annual release of U-Multirank ranked 1,614 universities from 95 countries.

Full interactive KTU ranking is here.