Technorama: 18 years of innovations and exceptional inventions

Important | 2019-04-12

This year Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will organise Technorama Innovation Fair for the 18th time. Established in 2001, the event which is reaching “the adulthood” this year has introduced more than a 100 products and new ideas. The innovations by young scientists range from products and technologies for health monitoring to concrete made from waste, from antimicrobial silicone to electronic impulse generator.

The idea behind Technorama since the very start has been to expand the viewpoint of young researchers and startups by motivating them to practically implement innovative ideas in technologies and management.

“We are extremely happy of our successful collaborations with companies which is continuing for many years. Technorama’s prize fund is growing constantly; at the moment it has reached 8 thousand euros and the representatives of the companies are actively involved in the work of the board of experts”, says Mindaugas Bulota, Head of KTU National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, one of the organisers of the event.

Technorama presents a perfect opportunity to the students and young researchers to introduce their ideas, technologies and prototypes. The same ideas may later be developed and expanded during their PhD studies or become a foundation for establishing a successful company. Many of them are patented, licenced are attracting funding from investors or developed in startups. For example, ViLim Ball, a device for diminishing shaky hands condition which won Technorama in 2018, is already being certified with the help of investors. The Rector Prize winning idea from 2015 – producing concrete from industrial waste – is being developed in doctoral studies and might replace traditional concrete in the future.

Below are the Rector Prize winners from the last 4 years:

2015: KTU students Vytautas Bocullo, Živilė Pažėraitė and Matvydė Mičelytė with the idea of using industrial waste for producing geopolymer concrete.

2016: Justinas Barakauskas (KTU) and Mindaugas Visockis (Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry) with the invention of electronic impulse generator for biologic structures.

2017: KTU researcher Aistė Lisauskaitė with the innovation of antimicrobial silicone. Antimicrobial silicone is helping to protect the user from hospital infections, has very strong antimicrobial properties and high compatibility with human tissues and fluids.

2018: Andrius Romualdas Juknevičius ir Edvinas Litvinas from Fidens company with the mobile application ViliMap, which allows to digitally register and objectively assess the health parameters of a patient with essential tremor condition.

The registration for innovation authors and teams has already started.

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Registration closes on Monday, April 29, 2019.

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Check out the moments from the Technorama’s 18 years’ history in the picture gallery bellow.