State-of-the-art Geometric Measurements Lab opened at KTU

Important | 2019-05-20

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) collaborating with Mitutoyo and Gespa companies has opened one of the most advanced laboratories in Lithuania. The Geometric Measurements Lab housing cutting edge equipment for precision measurement was opened at the KTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design last week.

The 3D coordinate-measurement, spatial measurement machines with high accuracy lens, surface contourograph providing roughness measurement are only a fraction of the equipment which will be available both for educational and industrial purposes to rise to the challenges of contemporary requirements for quality.

“Exact, efficient measurements can diminish the costs and shorten the time of any production. Providing precise measurements is the first step towards quality insurance and prevention system implementation”, says Marius Rimašauskas, Associate Professor at KTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design.

The Geometric Measurements Lab equipment pool can be used for contact and contactless measurements in a very large spectrum of industry for quality control of electronic, mechanical or plastic components.

According to Andrius Vilkauskas, the Dean of KTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design, it is very important that Lithuanian universities would prepare professionals who are capable of working with contemporary measuring systems used in the industry.

“The contemporary measuring tools are the inseparable part of the production process and quality control system. The new Lab will help prepare engineers who will become a part of today’s industry ecosystem”, says Vilkauskas.

He also emphasises the new possibilities that the Lab is opening up for research and degree projects for the University’s undergraduate and graduate students.

“After coming into contact with Mitutoyo, the Japanese corporation, which has provided the equipment for usage in the study process, I realised that they are willing to invest into expansion of knowledge in universities. That’s how the idea of the Lab came into existence. KTU accepted the challenge and after several years of intensive work we have one of the most laboratories in Lithuania”, says Ramūnas Volskis, Director of Gespa company, KTU partner.

He believes that the new laboratory will be beneficial not only for raising the level of teaching and studies but also for the Lithuanian industry: “Not every company can invest into Mitutoyo machines; thanks to the KTU Geometric Measurements Lab they will be able to measure the parameters, which were inaccessible before”.

According to Rimašauskas, all the industry problems, which are connected to measurements and statistical control of the processes, can be solved by using the Geometric Measurements Lab equipment: “We can be ensured that the usage of Japanese Mitutoyo equipment in the study process will allow preparing our graduates according to the requirements of the contemporary industry.”

It is anticipated that KTU Geometric Measurements Lab will be open for the active usage of business and industry customers from September.