Santaka Valley

Integrated Centre of Science, Studies and Entrepreneurship

KTU Santaka Valley is a state-of-the-art science and innovations centre, one of the largest in the Baltics. It has become a local catalyst for innovations connecting science, technologies and business for joint activities.

The Valley is the hub accommodating the University’s most advanced scientific potential and cutting-edge equipment that enables timely and efficient research and development services for business, leading to creation of new products, which increase international competitiveness of the State.

KTU Santaka Valley is a scientific research and development centre open for Lithuanian and foreign research and educational institutions, and business representatives.

This centre is an essential link connecting innovative technologies and knowledge-intensive companies, embodying a synergy of scientific research, studies and practical implementation of ideas. The Valley consists of two interconnected parts – Science and Technology Centre and Technology Business Incubator. The idea of cooperation is encoded in the building’s architecture created by the project of the architects team: Gražina Janulytė-Bernotienė, Rimantė Lydytė, Erikas Klinavičius.

“The two blocks of the building – black and white – reflect Yin and Yang concept, when seemingly different or even contradictory forces act together and complement one another”, says Ms Janulytė-Bernotienė.

KTU Santaka Valley is one of the largest research and business centres in Lithuania. Science and Technology Centre and Technology Business Incubator employ around 350 staff; the value of the installed equipment reaches almost 26 million EUR. Scientific research space occupies the area of 9 thousand square meters; 3.5 thousand square meters are allocated to business. Total value of the project is more than 43 million EUR.

The most perspective areas of research and study potential is been concentrated at KTU Santaka Valley. Sustainable chemistry and bio pharmacy, future energy and mechatronics, information and communication technologies are being developed working closely together with knowledge-intensive businesses.
KTU Santaka Valley accommodates 7 research institutes, where cutting-edge research is being carried out:

K. Baršauskas Ultrasound Research Institute
Centre of Real Time Computer Systems
Health Telematics Science Institute
Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Institute of Materials Science
Institute of Synthetic Chemistry
Centre of Information Systems Design Technologies

Development Programme for Santaka Valley, the Integrated Center of Science, Studies and Entrepreneurship, was approved by the resolution No. 1170 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on 12 November 2008. Implementation of this Programme included establishment of internationally competitive science, studies and knowledge economy hubs at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and Lithuanian Energy Institute (comprising individual parts of Santaka Valley) that accelerate creation of knowledge society and enhance long-term fundamentals for competitiveness of the Lithuanian economy.

  1. Provision of conditions for creation of knowledge, based on the highest-level scientific research – enhancement and collection of scientific research and intellectual property (SRED) intellectual potential, encouragement of national and international cooperation between scientists and other researchers.
  2. Promotion of development of the science-incentive sectors of economy, development and commercialisation of innovative products – provision of conditions for efficient science-business cooperation in the area of SRED and innovations, active involvement in technology development and transfer activities.
  3. Collection and update of the infrastructure for SRED, innovations, studies and science-incentive business, provision of conditions for its effective use.

Regarding science-business projects, contact:
National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre
Mobile: +370 672 65146

Regarding lease, please contact:
Vidmanta Januškevičienė, administrator
Mobile: +370 626 31981