“Sourcery” Academy for Testers


We invite you to register to “Sourcery” academy for Testers until 15th of May.  Academy is organized by Chicago based innovative software design and development company Devbridge Group.

SIGN UP HERE: https://register4testers.devbridge.com/

Students will discover all types, techniques and testing approaches: learn the foundations of testing, functional testing for web applications and API, foundations of non-functional testing and foundations

“Sourcery” for testers is free of charge professional two-month course available in the Summer of each year and dedicated for the testing beginners who want to build their competence in software testing. 20 students in each city – Kaunas and Vilnius – will improve their skills through training and individual or group tasks. In parallel, they are expected to attend the academy to develop their skills. The support will be given by our top specialists as their mentors and lecturers.

Ask a question on email: academy@devbridge.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1712390785572136/

May 15 d.

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